The Instrumentality Of Mankind.

By: Smith, Cordwainer

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Collects fourteen stories plus a nine page introduction by J. J. Pierce: originally published as a Ballantine paperback in 1979.

''covers several millennia of humanity's uncertain progress into a far-future plenitude. Before the period of ''Scanners Live in Vain'' a shattered Earth is dubiously revitalized by the family of a Nazi scientist who awake from suspended animation to found the Instrumentality, a hereditary caste of rulers, under whose hegemony space is explored by scanners, then by ships which sail by photonic winds, then via planoforming, which is more or less instantaneous. Genetically modified animals are bred as slaves. On the Australian colony planet of Norstrilia, an immortality drug called stroon is discovered, making the planet very rich indeed and granting the oligarchy on Earth eternal dominance, with no one but Norstrilians and members of the Instrumentality being permitted to live beyond 400 years. Human life becomes baroque, aesthetical, decadent. But a fruitful concourse of Underpeople and aristocrats generates the Rediscovery of Man -- as witnessed in tales like ''The Dead Lady of Clown Town'' (1964), ''Alpha Ralpha Boulevard'' (1961) and ''The Ballad of Lost C'Mell'' (1962), which embodies a sympathetic response to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s -- through which disease, ethnicity and strife are deliberately reintroduced into the painless world'' (John Clute/Encyclopedia of SF).

Title: The Instrumentality Of Mankind.

Author Name: Smith, Cordwainer

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Edition: First trade hardcover edition (& 1st printing).

Publisher: Victor Gollancz: London.: 1989.

ISBN Number: 0575044594

ISBN Number 13: 9780575044593

Binding: Hardcover.

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